EOSmap - the September 2019 update

674 dApps, +10% since June 1st map

The new update of EOSmap.org is live!

EOS dApp ecosystem in numbers:

674 dApps

+10% since May 31st EOSmap update

Net growth categories (in dApp numbers):

Business Solutions +29%

Social +17%

Games +16%

Productivity & Utilities +13%

Gambling +8%

Source: eosmap.org

What we have been working on over the summer:

  • Automatic dApp Json creation

  • Automatic dApp icon scraping

  • Design Improvement

  • Responsiveness (with some bugs left that needs more TLC)

What’s next?

On the product side:

  • Improve coverage of icon recovery: we are missing 141 images, and need to find a was to source them programmatically.

  • Automatically detect abandoned dApps

  • Improve “claiming” and “submitting” of dApps

  • But the major development should be about displaying the information about each dApps such as description, smart contracts…

On the “marketing side”:

  • Communication partnerships to increase the visibility of the map, to better serve our mission to advocate for EOSIO.

Please share the new visualization of EOSmap.org on your LinkedIn profile and company pages, Telegram channels, Facebook pages… [Pro tip: there is a SHARE section under the visualization on our webpage that will make your sharing a breeze.]

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